FreeM Takto GT07

Structure palm of the glove:
Designed to take maximum advantage of the FX technology the glove has only external seams and at the bottom of the palm.
Innovative geometry of the thumb, essential detail for the driving which allows to apply the FX technology on all contact points with steering wheel.
FX (Fusion eXtreme)
After 3 years of tests with high level driver has been confirmed the validity of the Takto007 project, a concept of grip given by a special resin integrated with the glove fabric that, thanks to free surface without stitching that allows an excellent grip on all internal surface of the glove.
The strength point of FX technology is that "fusion areas" work progressively under the pressure of the hands ,increasing the grip on the steering wheel.
Takto is the first technical fireproof motorsport glove with full integrated anti-slip inserts on the whole surface of the palm. The new technology used also on karting gloves ensures an exceptional grip in every condition. Seams overturned and micro-padded palm for improved comfort. A perfect fit complete this innovative safety glove.Washable at 30 ° C in the washing machine.The product is FIA 8856-2000 approved.

€ 129,00


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